„What do you like the most about America?” MEXICAN FOOD!

        “What do you like the most about America so far?” asked my Host Dad some time ago. “Mexican food!” I replied without hesitation. Obviously, you can imagine laughter after that response. I can also imagine what are you thinking right now. I came to America to experience everyday life in this country, to see how Americans live, what do they typically eat, to take part in their holidays and celebrations, and yet I love Mexican food the most! Weird, huh? But I cannot help my fascination of Mexican food. You can take my words for granted, it is deliciously delicious! 🙂 

           Mexican food is not the only thing that I love about America. There are of course more advantageous aspects and things that I find interesting and extraordinary about this country. As a matter of fact, I must admit that I am lucky to spend here a whole year of my life and truly live like a local person. That was also one of the reasons why I chose this particular program – Au Pair, I was aware of pros and cons of it. The best pros is unquestionably the fact that you are living with Americans who are into cultural exchange as much as you are. It is not a typical work and travel program. This program gives you opportunity to find a second family on the other part of the world and create a bond that will last for years. Can you imagine how excited and wonderful this is? Trust me, it is even better than it sounds!

             So you think that wasn’t good enough for you? Ok, so close your eyes and imagine that you are taking a picture in Grand Canyon or standing at the top of the Empire State Building. Imagine just for a moment that you are able to travel where you have always dreamed to be. Can you feel how excited it is? How much fun you can have while planning, discovering and experiencing those places that seem so far away when you are in your home country? Words are not able to help me when I want to describe my feeling when I landed in New York for the first time in my life. I just could not believe. It was like a dream, just a little more realistic and even though I pinched myself few times, I could still live my dream.

           Still not as excited as I was? Have you ever dreamed about establishing friendships with people from all over the world? Just imagine that one day you can go grab a coffee with someone from Italy and they can teach you few funny Italian proverbs. Next day you are going out with someone from Mexico or Columbia to eat the best tacos in the whole city. I think we all agree that having friends who derive from different cultures, enriches us and broadens our minds. Unfortunately, quite soon I would be forced to say goodbye to two of the greatest women that I met here since they are getting back to their home countries. It will be extremely hard moment for me to realise that I won’t be able to chat with them instead of watching planned movie or wandering around Barnes and Noble and getting excited about every book we would like to buy and read. On the other side, I am the happiest person in the world that they become part of my life and I will never ever forget about them! Hey, you don’t have to be shy because you dropped some tears! I do that all the time (especially while watching Disney movies with my Boys 🙂 ). The older I am, the more I understand that tears are definitely not a sign of weakness. They show our appreciation and care.

         Although I do have tough days when I think that I would like to be back with my family and friends even just for a moment, to hug my Mum who always has the best advice for me, or play video games with my Brother, or go for a long ride with my Dad and talk about his past and my plans. I am far away from them and it is not so easy to visit them even just for a weekend. But then after these long, hard days I think that everyone has obstacles on their way. They are just different ones. Every au pair will meet them as well. Does it mean that I  have to give up on my dreams? Of course not! Being an au pair is a wonderful way to immerse in American culture, to meet wonderful people and establish long-lasting friendships with people from different countries and have the best year of your life!



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