Inner beauty

      Few years ago someone told me that “I am too fat to be loved”. Yes! You can only imagine (or maybe you unfortunately have experienced the same thing) how much words like that hurt when told by someone who we care about.
That ruined me and my self-confidence for a long time. I was struggling with accepting my body and pushing myself to eat less and workout more and more. That wasn’t too smart, as you may realise. Anytime I looked in the mirror, I could hear these words. It took me a really long time to love myself again, to learn how to love my body even when it does not look like the “ideal one” presented in the media. I still have moments when I don’t like something about myself. Everyone has these days, no matter how much we love and accept ourselves. Everyone has their own complexes. 

But you know what? I learned that beauty is not about our body. It doesn’t matter if I am wearing jeans in size S or XL. Beauty is not only about our clothes and weight.
Beauty is all about your smile, your face (even when it is freckled!), your heart and soul! Never let anyone tell you that you are not worth love just because you don’t want to be like the rest of society! Never let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t make the mistake I made few years ago. 

Look at me! Here I am. Without makeup, with my natural curly hair( my main reason to complain 😀 ), my big nose (which I learned to love through these years), with my big smile that makes my face have dimples.

      Love yourself and believe in your own beauty! And if there is someone who doesn’t understand that, let them go away! Don’t be bothered by people like that. Do what you want to do and always believe in yourself, no matter what other people are telling you! Smile and be happy – that is the best answer you can give them.

2018-02-24 01.13.20 1.jpg


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