Chicago – you are beautiful!


Chicago seen from the Lincoln Zoo 

       Chicago was one of the cities in United States that I really wanted to see. I had this wonderful opportunity to spend there some time with my Host Family during spring break.

       It is definitely Windy City and it was much colder than it was in Virginia lately. However, for me, it was quite similar to Polish winter so it was not that bad, yet        a little more windy!


DAY 1 


Navy Pier with its iconic landmark which is the Centennial Wheel



While wandering around Navy Pier make sure you have around 15 minutes to hop on the Centennial Wheel. One can see 360-degree views of Chicago and Lake Michigan. The views are incredible. It happened to me that we have seen Chicago during night with all the lights that made that experience even more magical! Just take a look!


There is also an Amazing Chicago’s Funhouse Maze which is might be a great and fun activity for adults and kids! Been there, done that! You won’t regret.



Are you Lego fan? You will find Lego store located in Water Tower Place, not so far from the Navy Pier and Museum of Contemporary Art, actually! You can purchase  a Lego set with Chicago’s famous buildings and landmarks.

Day 2 




Flamingos in Lincoln Zoo 

Lincoln Park Zoo is a place that you must see! It is free for everyone and it is actually open everyday! You can enjoy outdoor and indoor exhibits! 


Don’t forget to check out the store in Zoo! You might find something that will fit you, just as we did! 🙂 



Do you like art? Even better, do you find contemporary art interesting? Well then, spare some time to visit Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago!


MCA in Chicago located at 220 East Chicago Avenue, close to Water Tower Place


Meet Felix – Maurizio Cattelan’s sculpture from 2001

As you can read on MCA website: „Purposely designed to fit in the MCA’s Kovler Atrium, this work plays with the popularity of prehistoric dinosaur skeletons like the Field Museum’s legendary T-Rex named Sue. In typical Cattelan fashion, the skeleton depicts a gigantic, fictional cat rather than an actual fossilized species. Measuring more than twenty-six feet tall at the tip of its outstretched tail, the commanding sculpture has been meticulously fabricated to mimic the look and feel of bones”. 

I really liked that strange cat, although normally I am not the biggest cat fan. 



The Crystal Gardens – are also located on Navy Pier, aren’t they beautiful? Forget my funny face – that is just typical me 🙂


Hungry after all that sightseeing? Go and try deep dish pizza! Omnomnomnom!

DAY 3 

So those who are with me from some time know that I have fear of heigts. Naturally then you can imagine that standing on the glass platform on the Willis Tower, that is 442,3 meters high, was quite challenging. But look, I did it! 

You can’t leave Chicago without visiting that place! 


I was really scared but the views were definitely worth it!



Our next stop was the Filed Museum where I was really fascinated with exhibitions dedicated to dinosaurs, ancient Egypt and Pacific Ocean. The Field Museum is located at the Lake Shore Drive. That a place for adults and kids, as well! Definietly allow yourself to have some time here as it is huge place filled up with knowledge!



And what is that sculpture? I am quite sure that most of you have already seen it on some photos. This is the Cloud Gate, otherwise called the Bean, located in the Millenium Park

The Bean reflects the well-known skyline of Chicago. However, bear in mind, that is it always crowded there! But worth seeing and taking some photos. I was lucky enough to meet a friendly photographer who caught me while „I was flying ” 😉




This breathtaking view that you can admire is Chicago’s skyline seen from the BP Pedestrian Bridge which connects Maggie Daley Park (must see if you have kids 😉 ) with Millennium Park, both parts of the larger Grant Park. 



The Enchanted Forest in Maggie Daley Park





And for the last day we had visited this incredible pearl – mainly Museum of Science and Industry. Trust me, you really want to check that place while in Chicago whether or not you are a geek.  

It is a huge museum with lots of interesting exhibits and special adventures, for instance seeing the U-505 submarine. 

You need at least few hours to see most of the exhibits as it is really huge building with plenty of fascinating experiments and exhibits. 

Also, while planning on taking part in adventures, make sure you book your tickets in advance. It happened to us that they were already sold out. Still, we had great time. 

Personally, I loved the exhibit dedicated to storms and human body with its different aspects.



After these 4 days spend in Chicago, I can say that it is beautiful and somehow extraordinary city. When visiting remember that it is truly the Windy City! Just take a look on my messy hair and you will see what I mean. 





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