The way to pursue your dreams

            It has been a really long time since my last post was published here (or there – you know that I love puns :). I was busy with so many things that I was just finding a good excuse every day not to write another post. I am back though and I hope it is for good this time.

            Long story short, as my favourite woman used to say, is that I came back to my beloved Poland on Saturday at the begging of September and I started looking for a job the very next day. By the end of a week, I already knew what am I going to do for the next months. Well, maybe not exactly 100 percent sure, I still had this desire to accept job offer from China, however I decided to take a job in Warsaw and stay in a close proximity to my family and friends. Even people without heart, like myself, start missing their closest ones at some point.

            So I had to find an apartment as soon as possible and start my new life in Poland. With all the knowledge about myself after year in the USA I was ready to try something else. That is how my brand new journey started. With working full time, teaching part time and trying to stay focused on my personal life, I just did not have time to think of writing something smart and inspirational enough to be  able and willing to sign it with my name.

            The month of December was and still is particularly hard and special to me. They say that you appreciate some things only when you lose them, right? Well then! I am just experiencing that saying on my own thick skin. Never will I forget how much I wanted to be present in Poland during Christmas holidays last year. Even the smallest memory of home and our annual celebration would make me cry like a baby. Mind it, it does not happen very often to me to cry in front of someone or simply to cry in general. Yet, I was too sentimental and I was not able to focus on Christmas celebration in the USA. Funny enough, I feel similar this time when I am in Poland and I will be gifted and blessed to spend this Christmas Eve sitting by the table with my Family. And I am still complaining. After all, I am from Poland, right? : )

            The exact moment when I decided to leave to the USA, I realised that I will never feel “at home” anywhere. I left part of my heart with my host Family and wonderful friends and came back with another part that belongs to my Family and friends in Poland. From the very beginning, I knew it is not an easy journey. That feeling of longing became my companion for good and for bad. As you know, it did not stop me from realising my dream. I have never had second thoughts. How is that possible? I always follow my heart!

            Sometimes you just have to take the hardest path possible. It does not matter that other people do not understand your choices. Ones fear or lack of understanding should never be an issue for you. I have lots of dreams in my head and I won’t stop until all of them are so called checked. Yes, you can call me a dream chaser.

            Just recently I had to make a decision that was terrifying to me. I was not sure how should I handle the whole situation so that no one gets hurt or offended. You know how hard it might be, guys, don’t you? There were few possible solutions. Those who know me well, probably already think in their head that I decided to choose the hardest, unpredictable and the least obvious solution of all the options. Why did I do that? The answer is so simple and so complicated for some people. I just felt that this the only right choice for me. My heart, my mind, my soul whispered the same words and I could not live peacefully without listening to these three. It cost me lots of tears, few glasses of wine and conversations with the ones I truly love and trust. Nevertheless, I feel and, more importantly, I know I could have not act differently.

            Why I am telling you the story? As I want to show you that following your dreams and realising your goals, is not an easy way. If it was so easy, everyone would live their dreams. Unfortunately, people are afraid of changes and leaving their comfort zones. I have created my new comfort zone after I came back from the USA and I started feeling to attached to it. In that case I needed to react quickly, I wanted to do something unpredictable that gives me an opportunity and a real chance to get another step closer to the biggest dream of mine. If I was capable of doing that, so are you! Do not be afraid and listen to your heart  and not to others “good advice”. Remember that the way to your dreamed life is not always the easiest one. Take care!



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